Campaign of the Lost

Imagine a world that was formed from Lost things. Every item, every molecule and atom of the place is here because it was Lost from somewhere else. The world exists outside our universe, outside any universe, at the end of a metaphorical drainpipe. Things that go here are Lost (with a capital L), not merely misplaced or forgotten, and are never, ever seen or heard from again in their native universe.

This is the world of Lost of Atlantis, the 9th Legion, the army of Cambyses, Flight 19, Roanoke, the crew of the Marie Celeste, and millions of Lost things so trivial that history can’t record them all. Not everyone who lives here are Lost. In fact, most were born here, descendants of previously Lost people. Those native-born may develop psionic powers, the city-state of Atlantis keeps Lost magic alive, and the colonials of Roanoke have developed many fascinating things through science and steam.

Things fall down the “drainpipe” (in reality wormholes that connect the Lost Universe to countless alternate versions of our own universe, or any universe) and end up on the World. With each Lost item the Lost Universe grows and expands to accommodate it. The wormholes are temporary and exist only long enough to make an item Lost, and then they collapse.

In the known part of the World, there are two competing political superpowers: the City-State of Atlantis and the Colonial Union whose capital city is Roanoke.

10 Things to Know About the World

  1. A few common things are found all over the World: ballpoint pens, socks, umbrellas, keys… the usual minutia of things Lost never to be found.
  2. The Dust Plains are a harsh environment for the unprepared. It is hot, it’s dry, and most things are made out materials scavenged from Lost things.
  3. The most common vehicle on the Dust Plains is the siltskimmer, a large giant-wheeled, sail-powered land barge.
  4. There is no gasoline except what gets Lost in our world. It’s a rare commodity. Automobiles run until their tanks run dry and then they are far more valuable for their steel content.
  5. Magic is real but there’s considerable confusion between psionics and wizardry. The Cult of the Unspeakable One has legitimate magic, as do some Atlanteans. Wizardry and Sorcery are Lost knowledge, so it makes sense that it works here. People born in the Lost Universe are capable of possessing psionics.
  6. Science and technology also work. Firearms work. Steam engines are common, especially in the Colonial Union. There is a kind of steampunk aesthetic in the Colonial Union, but there is advanced technology available.
  7. Things get Lost and appear in the World, but in a very timey-wimey way. The Jupiter Observation Orbiter (Lost in 2076, presumed destroyed) fell to the World almost 200 years ago. Flight 19 (Lost in 1945) has yet to arrive.
  8. Most things come from Earth (or an alternate universe Earth), but not all. Asteroids and space debris fall through. Just like dogs and humans, even more alien things have been known to show up from time to time.
  9. Things have fallen through for a very long time. Pterodactyls have been fruitful on the World and are common in the Highlands, and have even been seen soaring over the Dust Plains. Likewise, other long extinct flora have found purchase in the World. It’s possible some of them are even from the far future.
  10. Barter is the currency of the World. In Atlantis there is a permanent bazaar called the Odd Market where just about anything can be traded for anything. Think you have something worthless? It might not be to the right person. Someone Lost a receipt once and you picked it up on your travels. To a paper collector, that could be worth a sandwich. Murmurs are always buying corpses, and they never ask where it came from.

Campaign of the Lost